Warwick RockBass Standard Streamer 5 String Reviews 5

I ordered this bass through my favorite music store Sky Guitars in Denton,TX. I paid 389.00 plus tax, I have several basses including a corvette clasic from rockbass. Although the streamer is alot heavier than the corvette, the passive pickups and dense body wood give this bass alot of tone and presence. I have been really happy with both of the rockbass models and would recomend them to anyone looking for a good bass.

The great price, beatiful finish, and amazing tone from passive pickups.


Dense heavy body, and fabulous neck.

I think any model in the rockbass line would be a great purchase. The sound and playability of a warwick in a easier to afford price range.

james d rated this unit 5 on 2004-05-10.

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