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This is the Rockbass Corvette Double Buck $$ 4 string passive bass by Warwick. OK here's the deal: Top of the line Warwicks are made in Germany and they have an import line made in China. Apparently the first editions of the Rockbasses (they say Rockbass on the actual headstock) were junk. Then they came out with the Rockbasses with the W logo on the headstock and the Rockbass logo on the truss rod cover. This is the bass I have, and I love it!

This bass retails for $1100, so it probably sells for around $600, I lucked out and got a Scratch and Dent model for $330. Not a scratch on it! So Scratch and Dents are not always the enemy.

The neck is much slimmer than most Warwicks. I think the 2010+ models have the slimmer neck. The 2010+ Rockbass series have the same hardware and pickups as the German made instruments. The quality of the Ash is a bit cheaper, but it is a great bass for the $. The 2 centrally placed humbuckers sound completely original compared to a Fender, Ernie Ball or Ibanez. I am ecstatic that this bass is passive. Cheaper active basses usually have really cheap electronics that can create a big headache.

I understand the raw sound is from not much finish, but the satin finish is really thin. It feels like raw wood. This isn't really a negative, just a warning to be careful. Don't knock it around or leave it in a dry climate.

German engineering shines through. The MEC pickups feature coil taps on the volume knobs. So you can get the Warwick thing as well as a decent Jazz bass tone..

A whole lot of bass for not alotta $! This bass nails a fat bottom needed for rock as well as can cut through the mix.

Billy rated this unit 5 on 2011-03-12.

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