Warwick Streamer LX 6 String Reviews 5

I bought this 5 years ago from a local dealer. I had to special order it, and I chose this over a modulus 6 string. I paid 1800 for the bass and a plastic hardshell case, but I think it retails for 2500 with just a gig bag.

The hardware is what drove me to the streamer rather than the mod. The trademark warwick bridge and adjustable nut saddles clinched the deal. It also comes standard with passive/active electronics, bass and treble controls, wenge neck, 2 piece maple body, and gold hardware. The bass sounds best as a passive instrument, and it sings in the studio. I don't ever use active anymore.

I've used this bass so much(2-3 gigs per week) that one of the pots is bad, and I heard that a replacement is kind of expensive. The input jack is also waning, but I just leave the pots alone(passive) and turn the amp down to plug in.

Construction is solid, but I have to baby her. She fell off a stand 6 months ago, and I had to shoot two pins into the headstock to repair a crack, but that just shows how important she is to me.

She's the best bass I have ever had, and, God forbid, if she ever dies, I'll have her cloned again and again.

my red headed daughter rated this unit 5 on 2003-12-31.

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