Warwick Streamer LX Jazzman 5 string Reviews 5

I bought this bass from the bass cellar down Denmark street in London and I paid £1149. This included a set of strings and a very good quality gig bag.

I own this bass in the "honey violin" finish, I have to say this is possibly the best looking bass I have ever seen, minus your v. expensive custom jobs like overwater and sei basses. The top is a one inch thick piece of flamed maple, and the grain figuring is outstanding, a layer of walnut veneer separates this from the ash body which is the unique Warwick contoured shape. It has gold hardware, which works brilliantly with the finish. The neck is a three piece laminated bolt on made from ovankgol and has a wenge fingerboard and bell brass frets. At first I found the neck really quite thick and bulky, however I was used to playing a four string aria pro II which has an incredibly thin neck. I have now got used to the Warwick neck and it feels solid and comfortable. The bass is fairly heavy, however it is perfectly balanced and is one of the most comfortable basses I have played. The sound control of this bass is unlimited; it has two pickups a MEC jazz pickup and a huge MEC musicman stingray style humbucker. There is a treble, middle and bass pot, all of which are extremely responsive and ooze construction quality. There is also a pan pot that selects which pickup, a volume pot that if pulled out cuts the middle for a slap & pop sound, and a switch for the humbucker, which works in three ways; 1st position: Humbucking in series - this gives quite a Jaco style (honky) sound. 2nd position: Not humbucking - the pickup acts as a single coil pickup and sounds not dissimilar to a precision. 3rd Position: Humbucking in parallel - this gives the bass that punchy musicman funky, beefy sound. Even with the EQ flat on my amp the sound is awesome the bass growls with a punch, it has a warm bassy tone with nice treble clarity which cuts through any mix without the bass tones sounding muddy. The construction of the bass cannot be faulted and if you can get over the fat necks on all Warwick’s, you can appreciate them if they give you the sound like from this bass. The bass came very well set-up, however a slight action adjustment was made at the saddles but nothing else. The bass can be adjusted any which way, the string spacing can even be adjusted as well as string height at the nut end, using Warwick’s "Just-a-nut II".

The satin finish is attractive yet I can see unless care is taken it could easily be damaged. The only criticism I have of the Warwick two-piece bridge system is that you can only use Warwick strings, no other B string is tapered at the ball end to fit on the Warwick saddle. The Warwick website does have two solutions to this, but both seem a little daft, I don't wish file the saddle to make the saddle groove wider and I sure that pinching the string with pliers to make the string thinner where it sits would reduce its strength and possible rattle. However, Warwick black label strings are very good so I have given up using elites, through necessity.

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All in all this bass is excellent and a fantastic instrument it also comes with an extremely good gig bag.

wheest rated this unit 5 on 2003-09-02.

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