Warwick Thumb Bolt On 4 String Reviews 5

Ive been playing bass for about 6 years now, I play mainly heavy rocking stuff and I also enjoy playing slap and tapping styles aswell so I was looking for a bass that could excel in these particular styles.

I acquired this unit from a music shop in London, I payed 1099 for it with a fantastic gig bag.

Firstly, it looks great, it has a really sleek design to it, a nice small body thats nicely curved, a rich dark oil finish and black hardware make this bass look very classy. It would look good onstage whatever genre of music you were playing. Its built well and is comfortable to play, because the neck is a long scale neck and because of the two piece bridge it gives a high string tension, which feels nice and bouncy when your playing slap style. The sound is nice and crisp, it responds well, has a nice growl sound to it, you can tweek the pre-amp to get a variety of sounds, I usually have the bass half way up, the treble on full using both pickups, that way you get a big fat sound but with plenty of bite in it.

Well because the neck is a little heavier than the body and because the body has a short top horn it makes the neck want to dive a little, but thats it, it doesnt affect the way I play so its being a bit picky.

It is a very solid bass, well built, I know that Warwick basses are known for their quality in construction and reliability, so really you cant go wrong with them. Its a bit on the heavy side but again if you pay for quality wood and construction then you cant really complain about it being a tiny bit heavy.

A well constructed bass that is a pleasure to hear and play. It looks great and will retain its value well. It has all the power and growl of a musicman stingray but looks nicer. A superb bass, well recommended

Kevin.J rated this unit 5 on 2006-02-12.

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