Warwick Thumb Bolt On 5 string Reviews 5

I was looking for a nice bass (5 string).I played every thing I could find in my range {500.00/1,200).I found this warwick thumb at my local used store.they just took it in. The 1/4 input jack was cutting out.The tag on it was $900.00.I offered them $500.00.We setteled at $630.00 I fix the jack.After it's fix I'll put my thumb up against any other bass I've seen for under $1000.00.The tones are very sweet.It's easy to dial it in.

I love the over all feel of my bass.The action is so nice.I also like the size of the neck-sleek,not the air craft carrier I played before it.The woods are so nice and the con. body design is awsome.

There is really not a thing I don't like about my bass.

The thumb I picked up was and is used.Itake care of it and cleaned it up.It looks good.The joker that had it before put a large sticker on it but,it was on the back and I worked it out of the wood.Warwick did a great job on these.For under $1,700.00 I would buy the thumb 5 string.My price was unbeatable.

Warwick 5 string thumb bass is the very best bass guitar I've owned...Over pudla..over olympic...The best.

Hyde rated this unit 5 on 2003-11-05.

The looks of this guitar is unbelievable. It's Bu- T- Ful! The color of the wood is very nice. Paid $1500 plus Tx. Guitar Center. Calif.

It plays like no other 5 string I've had. It fits my hands like a glove. The fit and finish is something to be proud of. Very Nice! The sound is rich and clear. The tone is very Solid. I love the wood it is made of. So Solid! My fingers fit the frets nicely and the pick-ups are the best I've played. Bottom line, the bottom end of the tones are real nice. I recommend it!

The price. But you get what you pay for... No Regrets.

Triple AAA rating! Very nicely done!

This is a very, very nice 5 string for the money!

Jammin Joe rated this unit 5 on 2003-09-16.

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