Warwick Thumb Neck-Thru 4 String Reviews 3

I didnt actually buy this, i just comprehensively tested it at a bass shop. Its RRP at the Bass Centre Melbourne was $3600 australian.

Beautiful woods. Excellant colours. Awesome looking head. 26 frets, small compact body that is concaved. 3 band eq. active electronics.

I didnt really like this bass at all. Although looks do count, performance is most important. When i picked this bass up i was very excited to play it. I thought hmm its $3600 it will b awesome. The fretboard is very slow, as in you can move you hand quick enuff, the pickups are in stupid positions, the sound isnt all that good but it doesnt stand out, better for solo use because its not as punchy as some basses. String height is too high which isnt ideal for slap n popn.

The construction of the bass is awesome. Woods are extremely exotic. Thru-neck so neck is molded onto body. Made in germany, kinda weird looking but head is wicked.

Weird looking, beautiful contruction, neck-thru, not very punchy, dull sound compared to some basses. Fretboard kinda keeps your hand stuck on it. A great looking bass but make sure u play it b4 u make any choice of buying this bass.

Tommy the Cat rated this unit 3 on 2004-04-08.

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