Warwick Vampyre SN 5-String Lefthanded Reviews 5

I ordered it through my local dealer, Jonny Musikk (Norway) about a year before the production started. Had tested Warwicks before, but not like the look. When I saw the Vampyre, I knew had to get it. The first one to be produced ever was that one. I paid about $2000 for it.

It is well buildt, well balanced. The low`s are rumbling, the highs are singing, but the mids are a bit anonymous. The whole instrument is eye-candy, and something you don`t see everyday. It is something you notice.

A bit "spiky" to wear sometimes, but that`s it. And I feel that I have to care alot for it to keep the nice finish.

Solid construction. The neck is glued in, but you don`t notice it unless you really check the back. It`s heavy and the craftmanship is highly noticeable. Came with new W Black label strings and very good W gigbag. I like the powerfull headstock on the warwicks too.

Finally an option for metalbassists that`s gone tired of BC Rich`s ugly basses. This one gives all you need. A bit pricey, but looks have never been cheap. I`ll keep this until someone prey it from my dead, cold hands.

Audun, Norway rated this unit 5 on 2004-06-05.

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