Wasabitone Wasabi AX-1 and AO-1 Distortion and Overdrive Pedals Respectively Reviews 5

Guitar Center $49 US apiece

Everything. The AX-1 distortion pedal is solidly constructed with zero defects and has a great variety of sound options. With this unit, I can make my clean Fender Twin have the sound of an overdriven distorted amp with great sustain. The A)-1 Overdrive is also wonderful because I can get just the right of crunch with a stinging sound and never lose any definition of the notes. These units are simply the best distortion /overdrive pedals I have ever had. The distortion unit also has a slapback echo "secret sauce" they threw in as a bonus. What a treat!


Excellent rugged construction in two beautiful units. I cant say enough about them. I want to get their reverse tape echo unit someday, but I was told they are going out of business. BAH!

If you can find these pedals, grab them. They are the finest I have ever had.

1946dodge rated this unit 5 on 2004-08-24.

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