Washburn D-100 M Reviews 4

i got it at the musician's friend store in kc, mo. it's a sweet buy. was looking for an acoustic, found it, liked it, played it, looked at the price tag, "Holy crap!"

the price, i got it for $99.99 USD, great quality for the price, AWESOME sound. my bro admits its sound is better than his $250.00 Yamaha. solidly built, too.

doesn't stay in tune too great, but not bad. strings are a little far from the fretboard, but that's not bad.

built like a rock.

this guitar is great for playing on the back porch for your babe and/or kids. perfect for beginners or semi-advanced players on a budget. you shouldn't get this great of sound for such a small price.

Maverick rated this unit 4 on 2004-05-28.

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