Washburn D104SCE Reviews 5

I received this guitar as a gift from my wife - Researched it to find out she had bought it at a local shop for only $350. I thought it cost much more.

Pros: Equis preamp system w/ 3-band EQ; presence and volume controls; Jacks to accept XLR AND 1/4"; Bright, percussive sound - clear highs, but also VERY resonant bass - great for playing solo.

From the factory, the action was pretty high - about 7mm rather than 3 or 4. A trip to the shop and 20 bucks later, the action is great and my hand no longer has to hurt!

Cutaway body stype; SOLID Cedar top; Ash Back & sides - Quilted finish - very striking; Diamond Inlays on the neck and around the sound hole.

After lowering the action, I'd recommend this guitar to anybody. The tone is great amplified or not. Quality of construction is excellent, and it looks great, too. The Equis system has been reliable, and it having both input jack types has come in handy.

Shawdad rated this unit 5 on 2004-10-28.

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