Washburn D10s Zager Modified String Science Reviews 5

Purchased from www.Zagerguitar.com This is my 3rd"String Science" acoustic modified by Denny Zager(Zager and Evans 2525)this is the first Washburn from Zager guitar.I keep returning because this is a first class operation.It's like Denny and son Dennis are my neighbors.Every e-mail I have sent no matter what the question is returned not in hours or days but inless than an hour sometimes minutes.I had a request for a different setup with the Washburn.Everything was taken care of.Plus the lifetime no questions asked warranty is tough to beat.There retail price was $345.

The Zager Washburn D-10s is hand modified by Denny Zager with his "String Science".The string height is lowered at the nut for easier fretting of chords as is the saddle,the frets are hand filed to reduce string buzz.The stance is widend which is a big help.When I say low string height at the nut I mean low you can just manage to slide a sheet of paper under the top frets and strings.Over all this Washburn D-10s plays and sounds like an acoustic costing twice as much.Plus the Zagers are there to aid in any adjusting you may have to do or want to try.Almost like they live next door.Plus Denny's acoustics are very easy on the fingers which adds to the amount of time I can play.Plus it speeds your play and you find yourself improving quickly and tackeling songs you could not play before.

On this acoustic as my other two I have no dislikes.Zager hand modified acoustics are what they are advertised to be.The best guitar you will find at this price range.

Washburn makes a full line of acoustics and the D-10s is a fine guitar modified to a great one by Denny Zager.

Tough to beat anyone who takes such pride in what they sell.Denny Zager believes in his String Science and stands by it 100%.They will have a few new models out by the end of 04 and I'm sure I will have one.I also signed up for Denny Zager's online lessons which are so much fun and so helpful.

Dave rated this unit 5 on 2004-09-30.

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