Washburn D12 YBR Reviews 5

Bought used for NZ$350 (about US$180) at Mal's Music (now at Weta Guitars), Wellington, New Zealand

Guitar has a lovely warm tone, not at all jangly but with enough cut tom keep chords nice and defined. Nice shaped neck and fretwork, lovely to play after some mods (see below). Even with #13 strings I can practise electric solos with some bending and not kill my hand. Looks great with the 'dappled' brown finish and nicely ageing binding on fingerboard and body (this one was built in '91)

As bought the action was too high, and the nut was only good for #11 strings (!); I had the action sorted (Go West Music, Henderson) and a new bone nut installed, now feels very nice. The laminated soundboard was a sticking point the one time I tried to sell it, but it sounds great to me.

No complaints, there is some slight cracking of the fingerboard binding but I can forgive that in a much - used 13yo guitar. Tuners are smooth and solid, finish is deep and glossy. When I had the action done the guy fixed some of the soundboard ribs that had come adrift, but it had been slept on once by a drunk person so that's no big deal.

I've had this guitar 6 years and carted it around to parties and stuff at high school; I love it to bits and it always stands out from my freinds' acoustics with it's rich sound and 'ageing hippie' finish.

Daddy James rated this unit 5 on 2004-10-03.

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