Washburn D12ST Reviews 3

This was purchased through the internet. I used WWW.music123.com My wife is very musical and this was purchased as a Christmas gift for her. The retail price was $199.00

Washburn has always had a very good sound in their acoustical guitars and the fingering seems to be a little easier than most other brands. The composition of the guitar seems to have a little more than other brands but without the added cost.

This particular model comes with a WT-2 built in tuner. The tuner seems to be of very low quality and the snap in design for the tuner to the molded plastic on the guitar is simply not strong enough. The guitar is made in China and there is evidently too much handling from there to the final destination. When we received the guitar, the body of the tuner was rattling around inside the body of the guitar.

The guitar seems to be fine but the tuner needs to be upgraded. Something a little more durable.

If Wasburn is going to stay with this tuner, they need to make a replacement tuner available. We have searched the internet and can not find this tuner. We are being asked to return the guitar for an exchange when a simple part and 10 minutes labor would solve our problem.

James Crawford rated this unit 3 on 2003-12-28.

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