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I've been keeping myself occupied (note: I didn't say alive) with the guitar, piano and vaious percussion instruments for around 7 years. Mainly blues and rock.

I have had a couple of guitars in the past,(a Samick thin body and a Washburn d12 sce) this time was looking for a guitar that was handcrafted from all solid woods with incredible sound. I was torn between a tanglewood and this washburn d80sw. Both guitars were at local shops, the Washburn had a "tighter" sound and just as much volume..its a cannon actually! Although I might have bought both if i could have afforded it, the solid figured maple back and sides along with the American craftsmanship sold me in the end. And for a mere 1100.00 CDN it was also hard to find better value in a foreign product.

Beautiful tight and loud, low action and no buzz right from the shop. Each particular Washburn in this series (80,82 & 84) are handmade in the illinois shop by one luthier from start to finish .. and each one is hand numbered and signed by the luthier that built it. I love the fact that you can actually feel the maple grain through the finish but if you look at it along it surface it appears as smooth as new glass. I also love the traditional headstock with pearl Washburn logo as well as the abalone inlays, Hard to beat the ebony grover tuners as well.

Hmmm.... now, the tortoise shell body binding... can't say that I don't like it however, I think I would have prefered a wood binding and a little more abalone considering what the MSRP is on these things (of course you can orders yours how you want it, and a maple binding is standard the D82sw, which has an Indian rosewood back...) but for the price I paid for mine.. I can live with it... it still sounds fantastic!

Rrom looking at it, it appears as sound (pardon the punn) as any other make out there. Although, I am left wondering as to the choice of a synthetic bone nut to that of true bone.

Its a Great Cannon! I don't think I could pay the 1899.00 USD MSRP for it, only because there is so much competion for beautiful guitars out there... But you're in luck!! Most dealers generally list this washburn series for far less.. Oh! Did I mention it comes with an excellent airline quality custom case? The manufacturer takes pride in these units and it shows!

Dave rated this unit 4 on 2005-11-03.

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