Washburn EA-220 Double Neck Reviews 4

I purchased this guitar from eBay at $1000. I'm a lead guitar player, and have always love the sound of a 12 string. So this is a perfect combination guitar, at the time...(untill I found out about the Guild Cross-Road "slash" 6 string electric and 12 string accoustic double neck guitar...)

It sounds great when you plug it in. And the fact that it is a 12/6 double neck that will give you a tons of versitality.

It sounds flat, compare to my Martin D-16, when you don't plug it in. But then again, that's comparing an apple to an orange. Also, it's HEAVY as hell!!

The top is the laminated spruce wood, as it should, but the sound is compromised. It just doesn't have the sustain that my Martin D-16 has. The necks are solid, and the body is a low profile, which is another reason why the sound and the volume is not as good as my Martin.

It's a great guitar, both performing wise or recording wise, when you plug it in. If you want to use it unplugged, make sure you do it in your living room.

David Ku rated this unit 4 on 2003-08-08.

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