Washburn Oscar Schmidt OG2 Reviews 5

I got this for Christmas and overall I have been impressed. I got it at the Doo Wop Shop for $200. The guitar is normally $170, but it came with a nice 100 dollar hard case for only 30 extra. As a beginner guitar it can be a little tough to play compared to a flat electric, but you quickly become used to it and learn to enjoy it. The quality of the guitar is great, and I haven't found even a minor gripe yet. Nothing has broken and I have bumped it multiple times, and it hasn't even dented. It sounds great, and it can get pretty loud if you strum it that hard. I play punk rock songs on it, and it sounds better than many of the songs originally. It looks great, and the woods used go nicely with the rest of the guitar. It is easy and satisfying on the eyes. A great amount of detail has gone into it, such as a marble like looking ring aroung the sound hole, a nich touch. Little things like that and the built in tuner make me apppreciate it more and more. The dealer recommended it to me, saying it has been a great guitar for years, but this year the batch of its wood is very high quality. Originally I wanted a Fender acoustic, but the dealer told me it has had many problems and they won't even carry them anymore. I love Fender, I'm saving up for an electric of their's, but I am completely content about having this one instead of any other. I am extremely satisfied and I see myself playing it and enjoying it for years to come.

It comes with a handy built in tuner that is very easy to use. It stays in tune very well anyway, and I don't use that tuner much. Sounds like more expensive acoustics. Woods uses sound and look very good. Haven't found one problem with it yet. When you put it against other acoustics, dollar for dollar, it has great and the best value. Good for anyone, beginner or experienced. I like it a lot, and the dealer strongly recommended it.

No major gripes.

Traditional acoustic guitar styling but doesn't look as traditionally boring. The wood is tough and has resisted bumps. Quality is top notch, haven't had a problem yet.

Best value acoustic guitar. Many things going for it and nothing agaisnt it. Go get it now. There's nothing to lose with this purchase.

tiger8104 rated this unit 5 on 2003-04-10.

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