Washburn Oscar Schmidt OG2N Reviews 5

On a lark, I put in a really low bid on Ubid and won the auction! With shipping included, I only paid $75.00 for this guitar. Thinking I would give it to my grandson for Christmas I tried it out and immediatly changed my mind.

The neck is thin and fits my ancient left hand perfectly! I've been playing for about 65 years and have owned many fine instruments such as Gibson, Guild, Fender,Martin and Taylor. I have a vintage Gibson C-1 and a Taylor 812 CE. This OG2 guitar has a solid feel and playability that I would expect to find in some of the instruments I just named! A very playable guitar!

The only thing I don't like is not the fault of the guitar. It was advertised by Ubid as having mahogony back and sides. Washburn states that it is catalpa which, though a solid wood, causes the tone to be a bit higher pitched than I expected. Not quit as mellow as a mahogony box would render.

Fit and finish of this guitar is remarkebly good. Not at all what one would expect in a unit that retails for about $169.00. The neck is well set with an adjustable truss rod; frets are well dressed; the box is of good quality construction with an X braced top; tail peice and string pegs are nicely turned and fit well. The machines are very precise and appear to be copies of the Grovers that are on my Taylor. What is most impressive is the action, or string height above the neck; it is just where it should be; low!

This has to be a "best buy" in guitars. Prior to now, I would never have considered playing such an inexpensive guitar. My experiance with the OG could be summed up by spelling out the guitar identifier: "Oh Gee"! I am not too old to learn and this has been a positive learning experiance. I am now researching other Washburn models, for my grandson, of course!

Robert L. Ervin rated this unit 5 on 2003-11-09.

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