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The Rover that I own is the natural colour. The strings currently on it are Martin Extra Light and they are ideal. I have been a singer/guitarist for over 40 years and am currently teaching guitar at various international schools, as well as privately. I have played in many bands, but now perform alone with my guitar and backings. I usually play music from the '50's to the '70's.

The guitar was bought 2nd hand from a musician whose ad I saw on the Internet. I paid around US$100 for it with the case and accessories, but it was as new.

It has an action as good as (or even superior) many guitars that I've played. I carry it as my teaching guitar, and it's so light I hardly know it's there. Case is well-made and seemingly waterproof which is a plus. Sound is excellent for such a tiny size body.

The balance takes some getting used to and the strap that comes with it is not of the best quality.

The construction is very good for the price. I had to adjust the neck and file the bridge down to make this guitar really playable, but it was well worth it.

A fine instrument. Good value for the price. The best travel guitar I've used, and I've used nearly all of them over the years. Excellent for one-to-one guitar teaching. Sadly it is not sold here in Hong Kong. Who knows why. I've been offered ridiculous money for it by many people here. I still have it!

Mike C. rated this unit 5 on 2011-02-22.

Bought for practice sessions I have with my 6 year old son. He plays a Baby Taylor. I found my full size dread was too much to handle, and work with my son at the same time. Also bought to take on the road. Purchased through Musicians Friend web site for $150.00.

As expected, it sounds a little thin, but for its size, sound is good. I also find this guitar is nice for quiet pactice sessions, when the kids are sleeping. The fretboard is bound and full sized. It is a little hard to hold since the body is small, but if you balance the lower bout against your thigh, it works out fine. Came with a nice case, an extra saddle and some shims to make adjustments. Also included is a tool for truss rod adjustment.

Nothing really. It took a big fall from the top of my fridge, and survied that with only a small nick.

This guitar is built well. Made in China, but clean construction. Frets are nicely done and the tuners work well.

If you want something to travel with that is on the quite side, or just to have something handy to grab and practice with, this is a good choice. Also comes in a nylon string configuration.

Jimmy D rated this unit 4 on 2004-04-19.

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