Washburn Southwestern D46S Reviews 4

I bought this guitar at Sam Ash in Cerritos, California. I wanted this guitar because the Fender acoustic I had was horrible. I paid almost 400 for this guitar.

This guitar is awesome. It has a very crisp and refreshing sound. After playing a Fender electric/acoustic for a few months, this guitar sounds so much better by far. The difference in sound is so noticable even to the beginner guitarist. It has a nice feel to it and the tuning keys are not too sensitive. The buzzing of the strings against the higher frets is minimal. I don't like the design too much, but who cares when the sound is awesome. I definitely can say this guitar is comparable to a Martin acoustic in sound.

I don't like the design. It lacks a fresh look. The reverb is horrible. There is no pickguard so the mouth of my guitar is chipped away.

It has a rosewood bridge base and rosewood fingerboard. It has "Hopi" inlays. It has 18:1 gear ratio tuning. This guitar is made with sturdy good quality wood and rosewood.


Patrick Choi rated this unit 4 on 2002-12-22.

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