Washburn WD-46S Rarewood Reviews 5

Bought new on ebay for $238.00 plus shipping from bizarre-guitars. auction came down to the last few seconds but i sure am glad i stuck it out!

Well I already had quite a few cheap acoustics [laminated tops] that never satisfied and i wanted one with a solid spruce top. What a difference!. i have played on other top o the line martins, taylors, gibsons and this one comes pretty darn close. the unit is beautiful with quality inlays on the head stock, rosette hole, fingerboard, and perimeter of the top. really a quality job. there is a slight buzz on the low e string but the quitar is new and has to settle. also it was delivered in below freezing conditions so it needs to adjust to the inside temp. but this guitar sounds great!! at 238.00 i got it less than retail and it is new! you can actually feel the top and back vibrating against you when you play and it hAS LOADS OF SUSTAIN!

Well for as far as they went with it i guess they could have manufactured it with a bone nut and saddle. it would save me the time because i am crazy to try it with bone. it will probably surpass the martin like that! otherwise i dont have a darn bad thing to say about it!

definately high craftmanship. top was an even match. finish was flawless. inlays are absolutely gorgeous.

i can not believe that this is what an acoustic should sound like. any one looking to invest in a guitar should definately get one of these. they come in four flavors and when my wife cools down from another guitar in the house i plan on buying another one. Maybe i'll try the KOA wood model next time.

Brother John C. Mc Mullen- Ezar Lodge 281 rated this unit 5 on 2004-01-09.

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