Washburn WD32S Reviews 1

I bought this guitar from a local Music store (Music Mall) for $375.

Initially, this guitar had beautiful tone and it's sound projection was also impressive.

After about 6 months the sound quality went straight to hell. Somehow, the neck managed to slowly bend downwards (backwards) decreasing the amount of action it had until all frets rattled and many were inaudible. Since the Truss rod is not double action (able to tighten or loosen in either direction) the repair of this problem proved to be rather costly.

As far as appearance goes, this guitar is very attractive. Around the hole in the body is an intricut wood-like design that is very cool. Also, the body has white Trimwork which adds to It's appearance. However as far as construction goes...well I guess the warped neck can speak for itself in that department. (By the way, it didnt happen from leaning it against stuff or from excessive dryness, i take good care of my stuff)

I am kicking myself for buying this guitar. Bottom line, don't risk it. I read up on problems like the one I had with this guitar and they are not easily fixed, and not worth it for this guitar.

o0weeezer0o rated this unit 1 on 2003-01-27.

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