Washburn WD41-S Reviews 1

Purchased online from Oklahoma Vintage Guitars for $399.00 + Shipping $28.00

This guitar has SUBLIME tone and incredible playability. The cosmetics are beautiful and eye catching. The Stipped ebony sides and back are gorgeous and lend to the remarable tone. This is a limited production "Rarewood" series celebrating Washburns 120 year anniverssary. Few, if any, are available for purchase.

The guitar is generally beautiful at first glance and by an undescerning eye. However the quality was somewhat less than expected. Upon inspection, the fingerboard inlays are all filled with filler to accomodate the sloppy install. The pearl inlay on the soundboard has a thin section which has wood toned filler to fill a missed contour gap. Especially dissapointing was the neck which is 4(four) pieces laminated starting at the heel. The guitar does have a lifetime warranty and should hold up well, if kept out of the heat.(i.e car in summer)

The general construction feels substantial and plays as a top notch guitar costing MANY time more than was paid. Sloppy glue job with spills on inside(but who sees that except for me?)

Overall, I wouldn't part with this guitar and would probably keep it no mater what it looked like due to the awesome tone, intonation and playablity. I am a 30 year player and am very picky but this guitar has a balanced tone with great lows and sparkling highs. I can't image the tone getting better but I suppose it will. Perhaps I got a good one or maybe my Martin D-35 wasn't all it was cracked up to be. If you can still find one, but it!

Patrick rated this unit 1 on 2005-01-06.

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