Wayne Pro Pink 2 Reviews 1

I paid nothing. I came across this guitar at a friends house. It was completely fucked. It was pink. I can only actually review the neck, because it was the only part that worked (kind of anyway).

The fact that I paid nothing for it, and that I was desperate at the time for neck for temporary repairs.

Quite a lot. The tuners were almost impossible to use on a good day, the fretboard was horrid, the frets themselves poked out and cut my fingers, and the rest of the guitar simply refused to work AT ALL.

Construction? What the fuck? There was none to speak of really. Wayne Pro wanted you to assemble it yourself, obviously.

It was pink, which isn't that bad, but the colour couldn't save the fact that Wayne Pro guitars can get fucked.

Uj rated this unit 1 on 2002-12-18.

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