Wesley MBG-10BL Reviews 4

1 purchased this bass on e-bay from the mkrs web site.the reasons i aquired it were that i liked the look of it (see-thru blue plastic) and it was totally different to my old bass.the auction price was good 75 as "buy now" war r.r.p. 129.99

i like the build quality of the instrument it is as solid as rock,there is no fret buzz which does suprise me in a bass of this price and the sound is clear and true.

the strings which are nasty.

the body is made of pmma clear blue acrylic,the neck is maple,the fingerboard is rosewood,twin pickups with 2 volume and 1 tone control and large chrome machine heads.

this bass is a bargin even if purchased at the full retail price and would recommend it fully.

glyngas rated this unit 4 on 2005-09-06.

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