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I bought this guitar on ebay. Now, this is the first in my almost ten years of playing, and I was a little dubious, but the shipping was fast and easy, and the guitar arrived promptly. It cost me the grand total of 100 including shipping!

Ok, where to start? Firstly, the finish is great. A classic sunburst, with silver tuning knobs and tremolo. Second, the pickups. The setup is H/S/S, so you're getting a superstrat sound. I am pretty sure they are hand wound by Mr Wesley, but I can't be sure. What I AM sure of is that they are fantastic. The humbucker is thick and full sounding, and the single's have a full, rounded tone when clean. Kick on some distortion, and the humbucker wails away lick a tortured weasel, and growls powerchords with a sound scarily like overhead thunder. Also, each pickup is controlled by it's own on/off flick switch, so you can have any combination you want! Wonderful!

Ok, there is one minor (and it is a very minor) point here. The headstock. It's dull. I know it's kinda hard to do anything original, but even so...

I would be the first to admit I am not kind to my guitars. Playing them six hours a day every day, they get a whole lot of wear and tear. However, no matter how much I bash this thing around, and drop it and generally do things to kill it, it still works. I'm astonished, and slightly disappointed in myself. I swear it will get damaged one day, but that will be because of the world blowing up or the universe ending or some such similar event. Until such time, it will continue to perform superbly I'm sure.

Unfortunatly, you can't buy these any more, as Wesley no longer make them. So yes, you can't have one. *Points and laughs* However, should you see one up for sale, buy it immediatly or... else. Oh, and when the universe ends, I'll be at the resteraunt. Table 34, or so I told myself. Have fun dudes, Pete

Peter Wailes rated this unit 5 on 2004-07-18.

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