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I bought this guitar at an auction on ebay, brand new from the company. I got it for 107 though I think it's valued at around 160. I bought it because it looks like a real heavu duty rock guitar. I didn't know it at first, but all Wesley's come with a Floyd Rose Tremelo system as standard, though when I bought it I didn't know what this was. Now I'm glad I have it!

This guitar sounds great through any amp. If you find an amp that doesnt quite make the right sound, you can always adjust a few of the knobs and you'll eventually find something you like. It plays great for acoustic style songs and also for hard rock. I find any Mesa Boogie amp makes this guitar sound like you'd never need another one! The Tremelo arm is astonishingly versitile and has remained undamaged for many years. The Floyd Rose lock which keeps the strings from going out of tune is amazing. Yes it means you need an allen key to un-do it when you want to tune it, but you can easily fine tune it without doing a thing. I don't know how, but I swear this thing sometimes tunes itself! When I carry it to a gig I pluck the strings and they seem to be more in tune that before...weird. The guitar itself is very durable, which is a good thing sinse Wesley don't make these guitars anymore. They're definatly worth the purchase.

I suppose the only thing I don't like is it's unpopularity. No one seems to have heard of Wesley guitars and with them no longer being made, it looks like they'll only become more and more unheard of. I don't know if it's the guitar or my old crappy strap, but it tends to slip off every now and again. This could be unfortunate for clumsy people who play it over their glass coffee table...Just, make sure you have good reactions. However this may not be due to the guitar design, like I said, maybe it's the strap.

My guitar is a maroon colour which looks kind of metallic. In fact it looks amazing. I've seen the same one in metallic blue and it looks great. Even in black! The paintwork makes it look fantastic and even more so when the light shines off it, though some annoying friends of mine have claimed it looked purple! Well actually only one person did. And he was colour blind I think...Other than that the quality is very good. Re-stringing it is easy with the floyd rose as you just hold the whammy bar down which gives you room to thread the string through and lock in. It looks complex but it's surprisingly simple.

I'm all too happy to have this Wesley as my first guitar. It's probably a good thing they no longer make these guitars because now I own a limited edition guitar, which is rare to have. It looks great, it sounds great, I couldn't want more from it! As long as you have the right amp, this guitar is for you. But if you can't afford the amp...It's nothing a nice pedal won't sure ;)

Peter rated this unit 5 on 2004-09-02.

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