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This guitar was auctioned on ebay u.k.by 'GUITARMOGUL'.I paid ONLY 110 plus 15.25 postage! The stunning green tiger stripe finish on a 'telecaster'shape was the first thing that grabbed my attention,it seemed to have a look of quality that even with gold plated hardware still didn't appear to look 'over the top'or 'tacky.

The guitar arrived perfectly packaged,and after re-stringing with set of 10-46(to replace the 9-42 supplied)and a little tweaking it played as well as a guitar ten times the price.Having played just about every major make and style of guitar in 33years of playing and gigging,it is reassuring to know that so-called cheap guitars are now totally playable,not the 'finger shredders'of the 70's+80's!. I took the guitar to a gig as a spare and proceeded to break a string on my 25year old strat 3 songs into the set,grabbed the Wesley in time for the middle 'reeling in the years'solo,I was amazed,and used it for the whole night.Two musos in the break asked if it was a Manson!

I cannot fault it regardless of its low price.

The Wesley has a korina tele shaped contoured body,2-piece maple bolt-on neck,rosewood fingerboard.carved top,white body binding,two black humbuckers,gold plated hardware and tun-o-matic style bridge,even recessed vol/tone controls. The construction is very controlled,maybe as good as any fender/gibson,I can't seem to find a blemish of any kind. The quality of finish would be acceptable on a far more expensive guitar than this.

This guitar sings!...whatever you think about buying an instrument based only on visual appeal.I 'took a gamble'and for a reasonably small amount of outlay I feel I found a piece of hidden treasure! The sound is as fat and loud as many Les Pauls I have played,I cannot recommend this instrument enough as a spare,practise or main guitar!

robby rated this unit 4 on 2003-03-03.

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