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I bought this bass second hand from a heating shop. I paid 100 quid- well over what i should have paid for the condition it was in. I have a feeling it was previously played by an ultra heavy metal bassist as the guages of the strings were literally centimetres and it had scratches and chips all over it. It looked like he had played it with a saw

The rosewood fingerboard has a very nice feel to it- its smooth and sharp. The pickups work very well and the tone that comes from this cheapy bass is great. It also makes a good beginners bass due to the price and ease of it. It came in a nice back too. I called him Jackson. Jackson has served me well as I was beginning the bass guitar-its simple one master tone dial and one master volume. EASY. The tuning pins are surprisingly good too.

It has a very heavy head and it weighs a lot. The fingerboard also warps after time but it can be fixed with allen keys. I have also found that the pickups rust - but that was because of heavy metal bassist man. but over all not a lot bad to say about it.

not bad. Its ok, It seems solidly built and nothing has come loose except for the knobs which can be tightened. The screw-in input socket is a bit lame as it can unscrew itself but apart from those minor things its good.

its PERFECT for a beginner..it got me going well and it is simple with no fancy extras..plain simple raw BASS. you can change almost anything you want on the bass as long as its only strings you want to change. It was also Radiohead's bassist first bass- so thats as good or as bad as you want it to be...

matt "horatio" derrick rated this unit 4 on 2002-07-07.

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