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I've been playing bass for 10 years, I own two Gibson Thunderbirds, a US Fender 62 Jazz reissue, An Ibanez Prestige SR1000, and this Will Bright B4blp. For amps I have a GK backline 112 and an Ampeg BA500. I like to play just about anything as long as its tasty.

I had this bass custom built by a luthier named Will Bright in Santa Cruz , Ca. for 1250.00.

The tone, the design of the bass, the quality of woods used, and the neck is very fast , and comfortable . { once frets were crowned and electronics were fixed, at the price of 375.00, which leaves a very bad taste in my mouth }.

Poor fret work, very poor soldering work on electronics Note: VERY LOUD BUZZING , and out right sloppy work, due to procrastination on Mr. Brights part. When I ordered this bass, I expected when it was finished, I wouldn't have to do anything with this bass, except tune it up and play it. Was I wrong. I sent it back to Mr Bright for repairs, and two weeks latter after Mr Bright decides to take a couple of weeks off for his birthday and his band practice, he finally decided to fix the problems. When I got the bass back , he only rounded off the the frets on the treble side, and did a crappy setup job, and it still had this 60 cycle very loud hum due to poor grounding. He sent it back as repaired. Go figure.

The construction of the bass is very good, but Mr. Bright is a procrastinator, and when crunch time comes for the bass to be finished. Mr Bright likes to cuts conners. Note : bad fret work, bad wiring, and bad setup.

Mr Bright built me a really nice instrument , that was unplayable when I received it, due to the problems I mentioned above. I had to pay out 375.00 to get this instrument right. Now I have a very nice bass { no thanks to Mr Bright } . NOTE : I will never buy anything else from this luthier again.

Rick rated this unit 3 on 2006-09-25.

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