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I have been playing bass since 1970. I play blues, rock and contempoary Christian music.

I bought this bass directly from Wishbass. I went to wishbass,com and emailed the luthier. We emailed back and forth regarding options and to set a price. I ended up buying it "white" meaning with no finish and drove to his shop to pick it up. Total cost $175.

This is a fretless bass with no lines; just markers on the side of the neck at 3, 5, 7, 9, etc...all the way to 24. Since it is almost all wood, very little metal, it gets great tone and sustain. I put 60-115 tapewrapped flatwounds on it and this fretless sings.

I knew from reading other reviews of Wishbass's that the finish is usually not very professional. As such, I bought it "white" and did all the sanding. Once I had it like I wanted it I applied two coats of Min-Wax Paste Finishing Wax and buffed it out. So, the down side is if you want a clean finish, you'd be best to do it yourself.

This is a string-thru, neck-thru fretless 4-string bass. The neck is made from 3 pieces of maple and two pieces of pirpleheart. The wings are poplar and the fingerboard (not fretboard)is locust. It has Grover tuners and one Danelectro lipstick pickup. The bass has a volume contol and that's it.

I love this bass and I really like Steve the owner of the company. He puts his soul into these fretless bass guitars and his own, or your design, body style. If you're serious about playing fretless bass this will give you an almost upright sound. It is perfectly balanced, unique in appearance, and plays great.

Hollowbody49 rated this unit 5 on 2005-10-08.

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