Wraith Vintage MetalAxxe Series Reviews 4

i got it from Live N Loud in Newcastle (formerly known as Grott Guitars) it cost me 250 and came with a free BOX!!

It's got a great neck on it and it looks gnarly as hell!! plus it only cost 250!! nice black finish good "feavy as huck" sound to it

the grey finish licensed floyd rose it came equipped with is crap. i found it doesn't return to pitch after being divebombed, which kind of defeats the point of having a floyd. in the end i just replaced it with a chrome floyd from an old ibanez. it was quite unbalanced because the top strap button is on the back, but i moved this to the top horn, where you would find it on a NORMAL guitar. the pickups don't sound as sharp as the dimarzio's on my other guitar, but these probably aren't dimarzio's!

apart from the floyd and the dodgy position of the strap button, it's very well made. it's got a set neck and a fairly unique shape, and a really gravelly bass-heavy sound(great for nu-metal, grunge etc)

all in all this is a really good guitar. it's not perfect but none of the problems are unfixable. once you move the strap button it balances fine and replace the trem with a REAL FLOYD ROSE or at least a decent copy from an ibanez or jackson etc and you've got pretty much the ultimate metal machine. they dont call it MetalAxxe for nothing! one for someone who's only got half the money for a BC Rich!!

dougy rated this unit 4 on 2004-09-19.

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