Xymox Practice Pad W/ Snare Beads Reviews 5

I bought my pad because im starting to get into marching percussion. I bought it at a local guitar center and paid 34.99 plus tax for it.

The pad is excellent. It has great response, and that snare is sound is soo cool. Its like marching without having to carry twenty pounds of steel and wood. I think its much better than the REALFEEL type pads because they seem unresponsive in comparison.

What i dont like is that this unit is too small. ITs oval shaped with a length of ten inches and a width of about 7 and a half inches. it has rubber on the bottom to stop most skidding, but if hit hard enough, will skid on most surfaces. Its size is small and doesnt really allow for the feel of a huge pad where a teacher and student could play on the same pad. But it does fit in the backpack!;?)

Wood with rubber on bottom, with a metal bar in middle containing snare beads. Top is a synthetic rubber type thingy.

Bottom Line..If you want a pad for marching music, and the sound of a marching snare in your own home, buy this. IT may be small, a little steep in the price of 34.99+ tax, but its worth it. Remo and Real Feel pads cannot compare.

Corey Hiti rated this unit 5 on 2002-10-30.

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