Yamaha Acoustic Guitar Reviews 4

I bought this guitar at Mainely Music in Ellesworth Maine for about $180.

Its a cheep guitar, but it is great for learning to play. I bought it because some friends told me that acoustics were easier to lear on, and it was only around $180 and had a bunch of stuff with it. It came with a capo, strap, gig bag, three (3) picks, a pitch pipe and a set of extra strings.

It is a cheep guitar, im not that experienced with guitar so I have no bones to pick about it.

Yet again it isn't top of the line. It plywood body, Rosewood fret board. It nice too look at, keeps tune well and sounds pretty good.

Its a good guitar to start with. Its cheep, sounds good, plays good and looks good. The extra stuff makes it a good bargain.

Allen Herger rated this unit 4 on 2001-12-04.

I bought it in a Yamaha store in Singapore for S$105. I thought the guitar was a really cool instrument and i wanted to learn to play it.

I think the guitar is really good, because after four years it still looks pretty new and the resonance is clear. I also like the wood and the color of the guitar. The guitar is light in comparison to most others as well.

Although it is light in weight, but i find it a little chunky.

The quality of the guitar is good. It does not dent easily when hit, and the sound i produced is clear. The knobs are also easy to work with.

I think this guitar is worth buying. Not only because it is good in quality but also because of the great music that can be produced. It is protable and lightweight. I'm very satisfied with it and i'm sure you will be too.

Naomi Cellar rated this unit 3 on 2001-12-02.

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