Yamaha CJX-12S Reviews 5

I ordered this guitar from Musician's Friend. I was looking for a guitar with a natural, acoustic sound to plug straight into my 12 track recorder. I paid $499.99 for this guitar

I fell in love with the guitar the instant I heard the awesome sound I was able to get from the electronics. The action couldn't be better and it has killer looks. It sounds great unplugged, also.

I really couldn't list anything I dislike about the guitar. Maybe a factory installed strap button on the heel of the neck would have been nice....and some genuine Grover tuners. But, I have no problem with the tuners that came on it.

The construction of this guitar seems to be rock solid to me, I can find no flaws whatsoever. As far as quality goes, this is the nicest guitar I have ever owned outside of my Gibson J-50. I can't believe I got it at this price.

Although the guitar looks awesome with it's high gloss black finish and gold hardware sound is the bottom line for me, and this guitar delivers beyond my expectations. The mix between the piezo pickup and the built in condenser mic gives me the bold, natural acoustic sound I was hoping for. It sounds equally as good unplugged, also. I feel like I got $1300.00 worth of quality for $500.00.

Alan Johnston rated this unit 5 on 2003-01-31.

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