Yamaha Dynamic Guitar Reviews 5

I got this guitar from my dad,he had gotten it when he was younger,he was going to learn how to play, but never followed through. He had obtained the guitar from a music store in San Jose in 1964 (which would make him 20 at the time.I have looked this guitar up before, and it is being sold for about $120.00.

This guitar is great, it has great sound,and is probably one of the best looking guitars ever,it is perfect for just sitting down and playing anything genre of music you like. Another thing I liked about this guitar is that it always stays in tune.

The pros are numerous, but there are a few cons about this guitar. The neck is a little fat so it isn't the fatest playing guitar. This guitar dosen't have any straplocks,and I'm afraid to install any, because the wood is a little warped.Those are the only things that are bad about this guitar.

This instrument has very good quality construction. I have dropped it several times, and it didn't crack or affect the sound at all.This guitar is still going strong even after years of use.

I am 12 years old, and this is a great guitar to get started on, or just to play around on at home. The possibilities are endless of what you could do with one of acoustics. If you find this guitar.Buy it!!

James Teeslink rated this unit 5 on 2002-12-15.

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