Yamaha FG110 Reviews 3

This was my first guitar ever. I bought it at a local pawn shop for $70.

I like this guitar because it sustains. Mine seems to have great sustain for a used (and misused) acoustic. I dont know if it came like this or if they added them on, but this guitar gas a great set of Grover tuners. They seem to be the best tuners within a reasonable price range and hold the correct tuning for weeks. I have never seen a guitar that stayed in tune so well and I probably wont for that price. Another thing I liked was the fact that this guitar stays workable even with the way I treat it. I never put it in a case, leave it propped up against the wall, carry it with me by the sound hole, and drop it sometimes. Now understand that this guitar is in no way beautiful. I have long ago gotten over that "overprotective" stage. But the Neck is straight, Notes ring out great, and It has never failed on me. Thats why I still play it.

I do, however, have my complaints. The top has lost its protective finish, so you can pretty much push youre thumbnail into the wood grain. The area where the bridge and body meet is warped when looked at in the light (probably from poor beacing inside, as well as years of use). 6 months ago, the pickguard peeled off, so now that part is getting scratched. It gets pretty ugly.

What can I say, but that it is what Ive come to expect from the Japaneese. (:

You can do better for $70. But if its all you can find, id say go for it. Its better than nothing.....I guess.

D.J.S. rated this unit 3 on 2001-06-25.

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