Yamaha S70A Reviews 3

I recieved this guitar as an inheritance from my late grandfather in June of 2000.

The guitar itself is very light, which makes busking pretty easy, if you're into that kinda thing. It takes punishment quite well, as it's been kicking around my grandmother's basement for almost 6 years. Perhaps the best thing is that this guitar will stay properly tuned even after some pretty intense (for an acoustic, anyway) playing.

On the other hand, tone seems to be sacrificed for less weight, as the material this guitar is constructed of (not sure what it is though) is a very light material, and the body is fairly thin, sacrificing that "sonourous" quality of the Deans and Gibsons. Also, the neck seems to be almost twice as thick as normal, which makes chording somewhat difficult at times.

The guitar is of average quality and is nothing too special. It seems to be able to handle alot of punishment, as the scratches and small dings can attest to, because it plays as well is it ever did, so although the material is somewhat cheaper than normal, it seems to be well put together.

This guitar is a decent guitar, well constructed, tough, perfect for a busker or a travelling musician needing a cheap back-up. Although nothing special, this guitar has alot of sentimental value though, and even if it isn't John Lennons Epiphone, I love it.

Estarrecido rated this unit 3 on 2001-06-25.

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