Yamaha BBRG5 Reviews 2

I bought this bass from st. johns music in regina, sask., canada. I paid 640 for the bass taxes included. The strings were well used and very sticky so it sounded ok not really great yet.

Color snow white the same as my old epiphone bass. Its a five sting and need a 5er to play todays new music with the e, d, and b top string tunings inpossible to do on a four in a stage situation. It has two humbuckers which are cool for the heavy tunes.

Dont know how to get a good sound from it yet. Maybe with new d'darrio xls on it will make a difference, Down know what knob does what? No one knew in the store. The store did not carry any string for a five string bass. It distorted when i crank all the knobs up? It has background noise all the time? My epiphone 4 string with p-j emgs makes no sound at all. I play though good gear as well mesa pulse 360 and ampeg svt410cl cab. no reason for crap sounds. I am going to put emg dc soaps in for electronics soon. The b-string is really hard to tune and sounds off all the time.

The frets cut my hands all the edges are very sharp. The reast is all good for construction.

Well under 600 can dollars for a 5 string, cant expect much. wish I oculd buy one cheaper somewhere without electronics and put good ones in myself. I hope I dont have to sell it cause it sounds like crap sometimes. Just bought this bass 10 minutes ago and having serious buyers remorse. Maybe will learn to love it after time

Paul rated this unit 2 on 2003-12-15.

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