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Yamaha RBX170

I tried it not bought it actually.

This bass is very light and comes in three great colors, it's slim neck is good for small fingers and the notes are clear and the strings don't buzz at all.

Nothing really to dislike besides the fact you can really see fingerprint smudges on the finish but you can easily wipe that off.

Well buit solid neck. Where the cable for the amp goes seems to be well built and the tuners keep the notes in place well.

Perfect bass for a begginer or intermediate bass player. Nothing wrong with it really, will compare to other high priced basses.

J.B. rated this unit 4 on 2005-02-19.

I bought this bass because it's cheap and easy to use for a person learning the bass such as myself. It cost about 275 euro (ireland).

You really do get more for what you pay for with this bass. The sound is beautiful when played with fingers.

It dosn't react well when using a plectrum. in fact it sounds fucking crap!

4 string, polished black bridge, 24 fret rosewood finger board, an I type neck pickup and a M type bridge pickup. looks a bit like the ibanez soundgear!

great for starting out. useless for heavy style players.

Adrian rated this unit 3 on 2003-11-02.

I was looking for an inexpensive backup bass. I paid $165.00 for it at Guitar Center.

The price tag is sure hard to beat, the styling of this bass is very attractive, and I simply love the flexibility of the P/J pickup configuration. I have had no electronic or hardware problems with this unit to date, and for the price tag, I don't mind loaning it out to friends that might be a bit hard on it. The strap lock lugs hold in much better than the Squier I bought this thing to back up, and the neck is nice and slim like the squier, which makes it super fast accross the neck.

It is feather light, the back of the neck feels rough and unfinished out of the box (but it is getting better with use). The original strings were crap. I swapped in a set of medium guage GHS Bass Boomers within a week of purchase. And the tone isn't near as good as, well solid as my Squier P-Bass Special. This thing just has a much brighter sound than the Squiers or the Ibanez. The different strings helped out a bunch, but it still sounds and feels funny to me. I might get used to it though. The tuners, the bridge, all the hardware, while I don't think it will jump right off, feels wiggly to me. This thing just feels cheap.

It's probably better than anything Rogue makes, but doesn't live up to the Yamaha name.

I wish I hadn't bought this Bass, it doesn't feel right to me, I don't think I will ever be happy with it. Some folks might, but this bass is flat out wrong for me.

SuperDave 3006 rated this unit 1 on 2003-10-15.

I picked this beaty up in a shop called Fret music and for only 139. A great value bass and such good quality. A brilliant buy!

It has a slender neck and dual pickups also fantastic bass sound for the value.

Theres nothing I dont really like about it 'cos its such a lovely bass!

It has dual pickups and maple neck . It also has a metalic blue finish.

Its a brilliant bass for the price of only 139!

metal master rated this unit 5 on 2002-07-03.

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