Yamaha bbeast Reviews 5

i bought this bass new from the House of Guitars, Roch.N.Y. Price paid was $1775.00 From the very start, this bass was an ease to play. very little effort, plays like butter.A true find. Differs greatly from the next model in the "BB" line, the "BB5ng".

effortless playability. very hot sound, virtually can dial in many sounds

almost too hot in the preamp dept. hi end transients are noticable and although there are user settings for the mid boost/cut, there are none for the bass/treble cut/boost

the construction I would rate 5 on a scale of 1-5 the only problem that I have encountered was the ebony fretboard was in need of repair due to minor cracking. This is a characteristic of ebony, it is advised to apply a little reed oil from time to time to keep moisture in the wood.

This bass has a list price of $3199.00 I feel that list price can mean anything you want. The avaerage price for this bass would be anywhere from $1800.00 -$2100.00 Is is a very high end instrument and competes with an alembic that was in the $4500.00 price range. As I stated earlier, It plays like butter, requiring little or no effort. It is far above the other basses in the Yamaha "BB" series. I know why Nathan East plays and endorses it!

Tom Caufield rated this unit 5 on 2001-06-30.

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