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Purchased for $70 (yes, seventy dollars, not a typo) in 1990 from a neighbor who wanted to get rid of it & had no idea of its worth. I think it had belonged to his nephew.

This is a very nice guitar for sitting around the house & playing. It would make an excellent first classical guitar for any begining or intermediate student. It has a deep, rich tone, & the sound is very balanced. It is light weight and easily handled when playing. The action is very favorable. I had a $500 Fender classical guitar that I got rid of after purchasing this one, the Yamaha is a much finer instrument.

My biggest complaint on the instrument is the tuning problems. It does not stay in tune very well. One forgets how critical that precise tuning is when dealing with a classical. I have noticed the I have to stop & tune after playing a couple of selections. I always have to tune it when getting it out of the case. The tuning problems are not limited to any particular string(s), all 6 of them have problems. I believe it's due to the cheaper machine heads used, one could probably replace them with much better units & solve the problem. Other than the tuning, no other complaints.

The construction & quality is typical Yamaha: FIRST CLASS. You'll not find a better built instrument at twice the price. I would never be afraid to purchase an instrument from Yamaha, I have never been disappointed in any of their instruments I've played on over the years. I would estimate that number at about 80-100 Yamaha guitars I've played on, they were all top quality.

Like I said before, Yamaha makes a fine instrument, & this guitar is no exception. My particular guitar does have tunig problems, but I honestly believe I could replace the machine heads & solve that. I won't replace them because I'm planning on purchasing a new classical electric. The new guitar I purchase will be a Yamaha.

MSC rated this unit 4 on 2003-05-10.

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