Yamaha Anton Fig Signature Snare Reviews 3

I'd tried out this drum in a number of stores in the UK and it's sheer versatility blew away the competition. Paid 309 from Wembley Drum Centre in London

This drum combines great tuning versatility, powerful projection (when needed) and sensitive ghosting (when you need a quieter approach) The cross stick sound is simply the best ever - clear and very penetrating, maybe due to the vintage maple hoops. On the whole the sound is dry with a controlled rich maple warmth behind it. This is also one of the easist snares I've tuned and sounds great up and down the ranges. Looks stunning - black lacquer finish combines perfectly with the wood hoops to make a visually very appealing instrument.

The price. But you've got to pay to get the quality, and actually it's half the price of most DW snares.

Flawless construction, well finished bearing edges. I've given the wood hoops a good cracking and there have been no chips or splinters.

Truly excellent all round professional snare drum.

Rob, London, UK rated this unit 3 on 2003-03-17.

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