Yamaha Birch Custom Absolute 6 Piece Kit Reviews 5

I purchased this in March of 2003.I ordered the set from Dales Drum Shop in Harrisburg PA. 16x22 Bass, 7.5x10 Tom, 8x12 Tom, 14x14 Floor Tom, 16x16 Floor Tom. 5.5x14 Snare, all in the Cherry Wood Laquer finish. Top of the line yamaha hardware. Including drums and hardware I paid $2,899. I purchased this kit for recording and live performances.

This kit sings like a Steinway. Anyway you wish to tune them, they will perform. In fact, the standard size toms allow for a much broader tuning range because of the shallower depths. The drums are sensitive and responsive. I can use them for jazz, bebop, afro cuban and brushwork or if you want to lay into them...these puppies scream for funk, rock or fusion. Without dampening, the sustain is incredible. Or put a few moongels on...and they are perfect for recording. Take them out to play live and the soundman loves you. Birch provides a natural eq sound that is easy to mic up and amplify. Most venues, you don't even need to amplify these drums. The hardware is indestructible...a special note goes out to the HS1100 hi hat stand. Spend the extra money on this stand...it is simply the best hi hat stand I have ever used.

The bass drum is too large for my body style...it sounds great...but I should have purchased the 16x20. Just a personal preference...the 16x22 is versatile and sounds deep.

The construction and quality is top of the line. The Cherry Wood finish is stunning. I always get positive comments on the finish.

I played every high end drumset on the market and I kept going back to the Yamaha's. The bottom line goes like this....All around top of the line, professional drumset. From the sound, to the finish, to its versatile capabilities...it doesn't get any better than this. I will own this drumset for a lifetime.

Ben Nevis rated this unit 5 on 2004-03-25.

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