Yamaha Copper Snare With Nouveau Lugs Reviews 5

Got this bad boy at guitar center in tempe arizona for about $350 bucks. Originally went there to just check things out and came across this beautiful snare. Tried it out and bought it.

I love the crack that comes out of this snare. It has a little ring to it, but I am sure I can get rid of it when I change the head. I am still playing the factory head and it still sounds cool. Seems like pretty durable construction. Have never played anything by yamaha, but if there other stuff is as good as this snare, then I might be changing my kit.

Nothing. I hate changing heads, but this snare has the nouveau lugs, so it should be less time consuming.

Very durable, beautiful copper color. In my opinion it would look great with any set out there

I was never really into metal snares but after trying out this copper snare, I am starting to look at other metal snares. Yamaha is really good. I am not just saying that either

janitor man rated this unit 5 on 2005-02-08.

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