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In order to get that David Garibaldi signature sound from his signature snare, I use a DrumDial. I tune the bottom (snare side head) at 85 all the way around. I tune the top or batter head at 90 all the way around. That gives it that crack/pop you hear on his recordings while also brimming with that mid level tone that makes it sound so rich and at times so fat. This tuning does not choke the drum sound but is definitely tight.

I bought this snare drum through cymbalfusion.com I find that Yamaha's customer service skills are lacking big time but cymbalfusion seems sincere enough. If you're a big shot like Keith Carlock or David Garibaldi, I am sure Yamaha bends over backwards to make sure they are satisfied. But if you are the average consumer who hasn't made a name for himself yet, and can't offer Yamaha increased sales by use of your name, don't count on Yamaha caring much about your problems with their stuff.

Plain and simple, I love the attack of this DG Signature Snare drum. Check out the vid on youtube of David and Tower of Power at the North Sea Jazz Festival. DG's snare drum has a particularly percussive attack with each stroke. This is true of the snare drum when I am playing it too. It is everything that you hear when you hear David playing it on the youtube vids. Just follow the tuning advice I give above if you are interested in a similar tone to David's.

No dislikes to report.

It is a solidly built snare drum. It has some weight to it but not excessive enough to complain about. I love the color and the fact that David Garibaldi gets his snare sound by playing this exact snare model. My only complaint is that the manufacturer sent mine with the snare side head on upside down. The Yamaha logo had been printed on the incorrect side so the dummies at the factory put the head on the drum so that the logo was on the outside of the drumhead. When I called them about the problem, they acted like I was some stupid idiot who didn't know how to tune my drums. I hate Yamaha's customer service reps. They leave much to be desired.

The David Garibaldi Signature snare drum is my favorite snare drum in my collection. When tuned correctly, the drum makes you sound professional and compliments the overall sound of your set. I use it for funk, funk/rock, and soul. If in an exclusively rock and roll setting, I would replace it with my Ludwig Supraphonic snare drum (6 1/2 X 14) for the added depth, volume, and tone required of rock music these days. But my preference when it comes to playing these days is straight ahead funky music circa Tower of Power, Funkadelic, Isley Brothers and a whole host of other bad boys.

chungiemunchin@yahoo.com rated this unit 5 on 2010-10-13.

Bought at Pierre-Yves Musique in Valleyfield, Qc. I was looking for the Dave Weckl 1990 snare drum sound. Since, he was using a Yamaha Brass 14x3 piccolo at the time, I went for the Garibaldi model. Paid 650$ Can

Fast, Dry, Bright, Clear and open sound. Works great live or in the Studio

Yamaha's prices

14x3 brass shell with cobalt blue plating. All hardware is chrome plated. Rims are Zinc die cast for more focused sound

Expensive but very good and versatile snare drum

Patt Trahan rated this unit 5 on 2002-07-18.

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