Yamaha SD2096 Steel Snare Drum Reviews 2

I bought this drum for $90 at a school surplus sale (It was new. The school already had a multitude of snare drums, so they sold the free ones they got from the companies.)

Well, it has a good projection (good for live playing), and it's build fairly solid.

It has a loud metallic pow-like sound--even if the top head is muted, AND tight. It also came with crappy snares that I had to replace the week I got it. The top drum head was also crappy, and it started to dent the moment I started to play on it. I ended replacing it with a good solid Remo.

It was okay, if you don't count the snares. Otherwise, it's a rock.

I wouldn't recommend this drum to people who like the warmth of a maple snare, but if you like the the loud metallic "pow" of a large steel snare, then you might want to consider this drum. It's sound would compare to the sound of Lars Ulrich's snare drum on Metallica's horribly-mixed, drum-heavy St. Anger album.

Tim Schneidel rated this unit 2 on 2003-10-15.

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