Yamaha Stage Custom 12" Soprano Snare Drum Reviews 5

I got this snare for Christmas, but I picked it out myself, but it was 92.00.

I picked this snare out because I was looking for a secondary snare drum that had a tight cracking snare sound, and this was it. I sat it down next to a DW snare of the same size and had another guy play both of them at the same time (I didn't look to see which one he was playing) and I couldn't tell the difference between them. The best thing about it, is that my parents didn't have to take out a second mortgage so they could get it for me.

Can't think of any.

I got a black snare, so if there were any imperfections in the wood, I couldn't see them. The bearing edges were smooth. The inside shell was lacquered, which improves the sound of the shell. Yamaha even installed a mount to the drum so all you have to do is buy an arm and mount it to a drum kit.

This is a great snare for the money. I never buy lower line drum equipment, but this is an exception for exceptional deal. Great sound, great price. Pick one up for a secondary (or primary) snare sound.

rocker rated this unit 5 on 2002-12-04.

Drum Central, Edinburgh, Needed to upgrade my old snare, 80 Sterling Pounds (150 US$ approx?)

The sound is absolutely beautiful. And the volume is stunning. Ive never had any problem getting this drum heard even at heavy metal gigs. Also its extremely versatile, simply by adjusting the snare strainer you can go from a super tight crack to a warm pop to a wash slap and al of them sound beutiful and its so quick and easy to adjust. This drum is small and quite light so is easy to transport and carry. Its durable (ive dropped it a number of times and its not even scratched). The finish is also beautiful. Also it has a mounting bracket which attatches to yamaha tom hholder which comes in handy, (no need for a snare stand = more floor space + looks really cool). Also the heads are made by remo and are nice.

The only major problem is that the drums small size makes cross sticking difficult and they are quite weak. However rim shots are very powerfull. Another small thing which i found out about it is that because of the mounting bracket, its pretty hard to get a case for it coz it moves around in 14" cases but doesnt fit in 12"s or most 13". However you get round this easily enough. Oh and the screw on the mounting bracket loosens and turns when not on a tom arm but it doesnt rattle or fall of so i dont consider this a real problem.

Everything seems very secure and ve had no rattles on this drum after owning it for over a year and never having to tighten anything. The 6 lugs make it easy to tune (remember its a 12" drum. However i did find a brown streak on the snare edge of the drum i dont know what this is or whether it affects the sound but i suspect it does. This could be due to cheap labour in indonesia.

This is an absolutely beutiful drum and i love it. I use it as a primary drum for absolutely everything. It has a beutiful charachter something not seen on alot of newer drums and something i didnt expect from yamaha who usually make motor bikes.. Also the prie is alot less than I would have expected, I would have guessed it at about 180 pounds or more. A truly beautiful drum I recomend it to anyone.

jamie rated this unit 5 on 2002-08-08.

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