Yamaha Stage Custom Advandage Drumset Reviews 5

I got this drumset from a friend of my dad's who owns a music store. Its a 5 pc kit(I only use a 4 pc though) with a cymbal stand, boom stand, snare stand, hi hat stand and bass pedal. It normally goes for about 900 but my dad is really good friends with this guy and he got it for me for only 600.

The finish is great. Its a gold sparkle laquer finish, very nice. The hardware is all redesigned 700 series hardware- and it all works great. I don't have the hi hat stand and bass pedal because I'm using DW pedals and i have a DW hi hat stand. All of the stands are great, you dont have to tighten the wing nuts very much to hold stuff tight. The drums sounded great(with new heads-more on that in the dislikes). Very good tuning range.

The drumheads that come with the set are Remo U2 heads-their budget line heads. They're made in Taiwan and they sound horrible. I slapped on some coated emperors on the top and clear ambassadors on the bottom of the toms-and instantly they sounded like they were maple drums. After these wore out I switched to coated pinstripes on top. These also sounded great. I put an Evans ST dry on the snare batter and a 300 snare side on the bottom. I have it tuned very high and tight. It produces a nice high 'crack'. Very pleasing. Another thing-the rubber thing on the bass drum hoop where the pedal goes came off within a couple months of having the kit. Very frustrating. Other than the heads and the bass hoop thing, the drums are great.

Very good quality, durable, great sound(with new heads of course). Hardware is very nice, finish on drums is also very nice.

Its a great sounding kid for 900 bucks. I would recommend it to anyone-from beginner to Pro.

Depo rated this unit 5 on 2002-06-19.

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