Yamaha Stage Custom Standard Reviews 5

Yamaha Stage Custom Standard

I have played many different kits in my career. I keep going back to Yamaha. This kit sounds much better than it looks. It is a great value for the low-end price. [read more on Audiofanzine]

Michelle Zito rated this unit 4 on 2006-12-20.

For the price I paid I still feel that I got the best drumkit available. The 17" deep bassdrum beats all the other ones I heard, and the sturdy hardware is also great. Dont be fooled when you see that the drumheads are made by Remo - still replace them as soon as you get the kit, if you want it to sound the best. Overall, I am very satisfied wi... [read more on Audiofanzine]

Peter rated this unit 5 on 2003-11-04.

I'm a guitarist/bassist who plays drums occaisionally. This kit more than accomplishes anything I need to do. However, the kit is also used by the pro drummer in my jazz combo and it works super in that situation too. Overall, really pretty kit, well-made, good sound except for the tom heads and good value for money [read more on Audiofanzine]

andy rated this unit 4 on 2003-10-05.

The Stage Custom Standard is an affordable set with numerous professional features. From the beautiful matte Birch wood stains and split lugs to the professional hardware, this set is perfect for advanced beginners, semi-pros, and a 'around town' kit for pros. And if you have quite a budget of about ?900, and you' feel that this is too 'cheap', ... [read more on Audiofanzine]

Nigel Osborne rated this unit 5 on 2003-02-14.

An affordable, professional, great sounding set. I love it. [read more on Audiofanzine]

-Mr. Corey rated this unit 5 on 2002-10-28.

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